Specialist Curriculum

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Week one of Bootcamp had more drama than a month of Coronation Street. We witnessed drinking, tears, arguments an, of course, replica chloe handbags black friday the occasional decent singer.

180 were through to Bootcamp, now just 93 remain replica chloe handbags for china black friday. I hope you are ready because the contestants had better be....

Gospel girl band Silvertone, cheap replica chloe handbags black friday kicked us off and with so much at stake, it was obvious there was going to be some nerves. At this moment in time, they are inconsistent, one moment great, the next not so. Tonight was the latter. Look, I do like them, I really do but the competition is tough this year and they need to step it up.

Needing to come back strong after the below par group audition was Lauren Murray. We needn't have worried, this was brilliant stuff. Fantastic comeback.

Brodie Kelly won't like me for saying this replica chloe handbags cheap black friday but get him in a boy band. Good voice, nice looking lad. I just think he would shine more, with three or four other lads.

With a lovely tone, Simon Lynch made a difficult song sound easy. Very, very impressive.

First up for Team Midas tonight is Josh Daniel cheap chloe handbags outlet black friday. If that doesn't get Josh through to the six chairs, then I'm retiring. Awesome vocal. Another act who could release an album now and do well.