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As humans have moved en masse chloe outlet online black friday onto social media, so have our pets. But we don't have the same compunction about stalking animals as we do humans. We follow them on Instagram, we like their Facebook pages, we devour their photographs as if they belong to us. And in a sense, they do: by keeping up with these animals on a daily basis, we invite them into our lives even while we chloe outlet black friday dodge the messy responsibilities of actual pet ownership, all those early-morning wake-ups and dog poop bags.

In the 20th century, there were archetypal celebrity dogs to fill the animal-shaped holes in the lives of those unable to have a pet of their own because they lived in cities, perhaps, or like me were allergic. But these dogs were characters, chloe outlet store black friday not standalone personalities. They weren't even singular, specific animals.

Rin Tin Tin was once an actual German shepherd rescued during World War I, appearing in 27 films before dying in 1932. We're now on to his great-great-great-great-etc. grandson, Rin Tin Tin XII. Same deal with Lassie, whose first film debuted in 1943; the original dog actor, Pal, died in 1958, and the role was filled by a succession of descendants. With Instagram, we don't need the archetypes anymore. We have actual dogs like Marnie the Shih Tzu and Tuna the Chiweenie and Toast the King Charles and Chloe the chloe outlet sale 2015 black friday Mini Frenchie to light up our lives through our phones in a virtual version of the relationship that has existed between humans and canines since the Paleolithic era.

As individual animals have gone viral, their owners have been caught up in an unexpected wave of social media attention not quite cheap chloe outlet black friday what they bargained for when they started separate pet accounts with the sole purpose of not spamming their personal social media presences. It doesn't even take that many followers for things to begin snowballing.